Facebook Marketing: 69 Leads PER DAY for $0, and $18K in ONE DAY?

How many leads do you generate on a daily basis? Is Facebook marketing one of your lead generation strategies? How is it working for you?

Well, if you are not having great success, I am inviting you to a  LIVE for a webinar training by FaceBook Marketing Queen Michelle Pescosolido. You can’t afford to not STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING THIS WEDNESDAY 23RD May AND JOIN YOUR MLSP FAMILY LIVE AT 9 PM EST!


This is a REAL LIFE case study, and what can happen if you just follow instructions.

Because of Facebook Michelle is now getting roughly 70 leads PER DAY for F*R*E*E.

Michelle just cashed in on an $18,000 DAY.

And she’s just getting started…


Just a few things you will see LIVE when you join us Wednesday…

1.  Paid Status Updates JUST unleashed: this ensures you get your message in front of THOUSANDS of people. Can you say cha-ching?! (this is BRAND NEW, and nobody’s teaching it but Michelle)

2. The 3 biggest mistakes FB marketers make that not only cost them hundreds of dollars, but will eventually lead to their business going bankrupt (miss this and you will FAIL on FB)

3.  The 2 things that will get you banned from Facebook indefinitely, and you can say goodbye to all the unlimited traffic you could have gotten from the FB beast. (CRITICAL)

4.  How Michelle has turned her business into the ultimate CASH-COW by learning ONE simple skill, to the tune of producing $18,000 IN A SINGLE DAY. (yes, it’s possible and YES you can do this too)


This webinar is a training you simply can’t afford to not REGISTER FOR RIGHT NOW if you’re ready to see Michelle’s magic LIVE, we’ll see you this Wednesday 23rd May at 9pm EST.


Here’s the link for REGISTRATION: == > http://www.ruthidah.mlsp.com/weekly-webinars

See you there!


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